“Living Healthier”

Living healthier, to me, is not about a fad diet or crash course in cutting carbs.  It’s about changing my lifestyle.  I make as much of our food as I possibly can (granola, bread, sauces, salad dressings, etc.) in order to eliminate MSG, preservatives, food colorings, and other additives that just don’t need to be in our food.  It also lets me control the amount of sugar, sodium, and fat that is in what we eat, rather than letting some company decide it for us.  It makes me feel better about what I’m feeding my family, especially since my husband has such a high risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.  In addition to making our food, I’ve started using homemade cleaners and they’ve made my migraines SO much better.  I exercise more, but not in a crazy way.  My whole attitude about this is small changes make a big difference and so far, I’ve been right!


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