About My Life

I am an Air Force wife and Mama to two handsome yellow labs.  My husband is a C-17 pilot stationed at McChord AFB.  Moose is 4 1/2 and Chewie is 18 months.  My three boys are the loves of my life!  I am a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) and absolutely  love my job.  I also volunteer as a Key Spouse for our squadron.

My journey to start eating healthier was inspired by my husband, so I could help him stay fit and able for his job.  However, in doing so, I’ve seen myself start to feel better, have more energy, and enjoy things more, so now I’m trying to start LIVING healthier.   I used to get absolutely awful migraines about once a week.  I’ve now cut that down to every few months, and I’m convinced that it’s thanks to eliminating the additives that companies put into our food and using fewer chemicals in our home.  I’m a Southern girl, through and through, and peaches are hands-down my favorite food in the entire world (except maybe butter).  I have found that despite my genetic need for fatty, fried foods, I can eat healthy and still enjoy my food.

As a military family, our budget is limited and my time is even more limited.  Unfortunately, half of the housework and yard work doesn’t leave when he does, so I end up with double the work but the same 24 hours in a day.  Luckily, I love to clean and do yard work (mostly).  Even more than that, I love to organize our life and our home so I have time to do all of the cooking, baking, household product-making, and cleaning.  All of this has to be done on a budget, and I’ve found that much of what I have begun doing has actually ended up saving us money.  Hopefully some of my recipes and organization techniques will help you, too!


One thought on “About My Life

  1. Pretty as a Peach, thank you so much for your fajita recipe, I was getting frustrated because I knew the taste I was looking for but it seemed that all the marinades I used only had some of the ingredients in them. I saw your post and was intrigued by the 40 pounds of chicken you bought and thought to myself I have to read this to see how her story ends lol. I am so glad I did, your marinade was the “BEST” I have ever made. All the ingredients I was looking for were in your marinade. My hubby made this for me on Mothers Day, they were the best fajitas. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this post and to think I would find this years later and complete my quest for a great fajita recipe. I usually don’t write” thank you’s” to recipes I find because I get busy and forgot but weeks later I am impressed to do so, that is how much this recipe touched our palates 🙂 thanks again tinagirl767

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