Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon pepper seasoning is one of those spices that works on basically any light meat.  I use it on chicken, salmon, and tilapia most often, but it can be used on anything that you want add a very simple flavor to, since it’s essentially just lemon, salt, and pepper.  I much prefer to make it myself because the store versions all have tons of completely unnecessary preservatives.  I like it spicy, but if you prefer a milder spice, just add less pepper.


Zest of 6 lemons (or 6 t of dried lemon zest)

2 t salt

2 T pepper


  1. Finely grind up the zest in your food processor.
  2. Combine all three ingredients in a jar.
  3. Allow the zest to dry out (use these instructions).  This step isn’t necessary if you’re planning on using it all immediately, but will allow it to keep better in your pantry if you plan to just keep it around.
  4. Use on fish, chicken, etc.

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