Always Have Zest on Hand

I hate it when a recipe calls for orange or lemon zest and I don’t have an orange or lemon around to zest.  You can make the recipes without it, but it just never tastes quite as good.  My solution is to zest my oranges and lemons as I use them, and keep the zest in a jar in my pantry for whenever I need some.  So, before I eat an orange, I zest it and dry it out!  A teaspoon of this zest equals about a teaspoon and a half of fresh zest.


Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, etc.)


  1. Finely zest the skin of the citrus fruit.
  2. Grind up the zest some in a food processor to allow for faster drying.
  3. Put it in a jar.
  4. Leave the jar open on your counter and use a fork to “fluff” it anytime you think about it.
  5. Once dry, seal it up in an airtight container (jar, baggie, etc.).  This will keep for about 6 months in your pantry.

2 thoughts on “Always Have Zest on Hand

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