How to Preserve Fresh Herbs

The worst thing in the world, to me, is to spend a ton of money on fresh herbs and then have them go bad before you can use them.  I’ve found a way to keep them fresh for a really long time and plan to use this next summer as my herbs mature in my garden and I have way more than I can use.  I also like to use my “herb cubes” in drinks.  I’ll make some mint herb cubes and put them in mojitos or tea, for example.  You can do this same thing with citrus zest.

First, find a silicon ice cube tray.  I found this one (in a set of two) at Target for $2.50 but you can also find them for super cheap at a dollar store.

Chop up your herbs so that they’ll fit more easily into the tray.  If it’s smaller leaves like lemon thyme or rosemary, just take them off of the stems.  Here, I used cilantro, so it needed some chopping.

Fill the tray with your herb.  I used a teaspoon of cilantro per heart so that I know exactly how much I’m pulling out of the freezer later, but you might need to use more or less depending on the size of your ice cube trays and what type of herb you’re using.  You don’t want to pack it in, because you want enough water in the cube to preserve the herbs.

Taking a turkey baster, an eye dropper (this will take much longer) or a measuring cup with a spout, fill each ice cube hole with water until just at the top of the mold.

Put the ice cube trays in the freezer, making sure to push any leaves that are above the water, down into the water.

Take them out when they’re frozen and pop out of the tray.

I like to baggie mine by type of herb so that it’s easy to find, with a label saying how much of the herb is in each cube.

Pull out your herb cubes a few hours before you need to use them and allow to melt in a bowl in the fridge or on the counter.  I don’t recommend microwaving them to defrost them because they’ll end up cooking (not tasty).

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