It snowed in Seattle!  For those of you who don’t know, they’re referring to it as a Snowpocalypse because we don’t get snow.  Maybe a couple of inches a year.  And we currently have 5″ on the ground, and it’s supposed to snow the rest of the day and night at least.  Very exciting for a Texas girl who had never seen a measurable amount of snow at her house… ever.

My grandma has always talked about Snowcream, or ice cream made out of snow.  I finally had enough snow to try it, so here’s my attempt!  It was DELICIOUS!



1 big bowl of snow

Like this one!

2 1/2 c milk

1 c sugar

3 T vanilla


  1. Put a bowl out when it starts snowing to collect the snow (or just scoop some up if you’re sure it’s clean, and make sure you don’t hit the ground)
  2. Add the vanilla, sugar, and milk to the bowl
  3. Mix it up
  4. Add more milk until you get the consistency you desire
  5. Serve immediately!

Yes, I ate it right out of the bowl. I was so excited!


  • Don’t eat the yellow snow. 😉

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