Save the Wedding Cake!

My first anniversary with my husband was Sunday.  It was absolutely incredible, and was perfected by the top of our cake that was nearly as tasty a year later as it was on our wedding day.  Many times, you can pay your bakery to preserve it for you, but why add yet another expense to an already expensive day when you can do it yourself?  My mom did ours, and I’m so thankful she did!

It’s easy!

Step 1: Freeze your cake on a plate or something else that will be easy to get it off of.  Freezing the cake first will keep the frosting from sticking to the cellophane.

Step 2: Wrap the cake in cellophane until you have a solid three to five layers of it over the entire cake.  This keeps the moisture that’s in the cake, in the cake while it’s frozen.

Step 3: Wrap the cake in tin foil until you have at least five layers of it surrounding the cake.  This keeps the cake from getting frostbitten during the year it’ll be in your freezer.

Step 4: Put it right back in the freezer until your anniversary!

I recommend pulling your cake out a couple of days before your anniversary, unwrapping it, putting it on a plate, and sticking it in your fridge to defrost.  Unwrapping it before it thaws will keep the frosting intact.

Our cake was moist and absolutely delicious.  The berry filling left a little to be desired, since the berries themselves weren’t great after being frozen and then defrosted, but the creme around them was still super tasty!

Happy Anniversary to us!


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