Autumn Decor

My second favorite season, I know now, is autumn.  Nothing will ever trump summer, but after never having a fall (in Texas, our seasons are Summer, Less Summer, Kinda Summer, and More Summer), September through November was an awesome season in Washington!

Gourds are a very festive, autumn-y decoration that can cost you very, very little.  I preferred to go with the real ones, as opposed to fake ones from Michael’s, for a couple of reasons.  First, I think they look much more realistic (since they’re real… duh.).  Second, they were approximately the same price, if not a little cheaper (depending on which ones you want to go with), at my local grocery store.  I bought mini pumpkins, in both white and orange, to go around my scarecrow that I found at Michael’s for $10.  The basket and fake leaves/flowers came from Michael’s as well, on sale, and I decided that they would hold up better in the wet climate.

I bought two plastic boxes of potpourri, something I swore I would never have in my home.  However, Michael’s and JoAnn’s sell potpourri that is not your grandma’s potpourri.  This one in particular had a lot of different textures, shapes, and colors that I really liked, so I filled a small wagon (Michael’s: $4) with it.  I liked the crate with small wooden pumpkins for the front hall, as well.

On my dining table, I prefer to keep it minimalist.  I like to show the season, and pull the decor into the rest of the house, but I need it to stay clear enough to be able to eat on it.  So, I used a Depression glass basket that my grandparents gave me, and put plastic pumpkins and leaves on it.

I used my apothecary jar and filled it with more of the potpourri, and placed some of the gourds I bought at my grocery store in front and behind a strand of leaves I found at Michael’s for $3.  They added some much-needed color (that wasn’t just red, yellow, and orange) and helped hold the leaves in place.  For my vases, I put a beige candle in each, and filled them with candy corn (my favorite Halloween candy).

I love finding sales at Michael’s, JoAnn’s, and other craft stores, but I think the key to this holiday’s decorating is to not overlook everyday items you can find at your grocery store, as well, like the candy corn and gourds.

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